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How to Write a Professional Bio That Elevates Your Brand

Writing your professional bio can be a daunting task, mainly because you’re writing about yourself. And writing about one’s self is arguably one o...

How to Write a Brand Building Bio

Do you have an impressive professional bio that elevates your personal brand? If not, this live virtual workshop is for you!

Your bio is the most important document for building your brand. It presents your strengths, your value and your story in a powerful, concise way. An impressive professional biography can lead to more inquiries, leads, opportunities and sales!

During this presentation you will learn key strategies for highlighting your expertise and achievements, sharing your story, and writing to impress. How many bios should you have? What does a well-written bio look like? Joan B. Stanford, former journalist and CEO of Jazzy Pen Communications, is sharing the answers to those questions and whole lot more.

Register now so you can:

• Discover the purpose and power of a strong bio

• Get hacks for crafting a bio that promotes your brand

• Analyze sample bios of business owners

• Get tips for social media bios

• Learn the rookie bio mistakes NOT to make