How to Write a Professional Bio That Elevates Your Brand

Writing your professional bio can be a daunting task, mainly because you’re writing about yourself. And writing about one’s self is arguably one of the most difficult things to do and do well. It’s also one of the most important documents you’ll ever write, which adds to the pressure.

Professional Bio How to WriteYou have to get rid of your humility, formulate your thoughts, craft an interesting narrative, be succinct while including achievements, values and more.

In the midst of all that, you have to make sure your personal brand shines!

Your professional bio is the key document that can help elevate your brand to new heights.

Before I share a few tips for writing a brand-elevating bio, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with a firm definition of a professional bio.

What is a Professional Bio?

A professional biography (bio for short) is a well written summary describing who you are as a professional or business person. I see it as not only a polished narrative, but a branding document that highlights a number of important attributes, strengths, and achievements to enhance your credibility and help you stand out from others.

Here are three tips for writing a professional bio that elevates your brand:

1. Include your personal branding statement.

This is an opportunity to share your unique catchphrase, branding message or your value proposition. Ideally, this is one to two lines that sum up your brand easily while sparking curiosity.

  • Marie Forleo’s statement is that she’s “An entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be”
  • Gary Vaynerchuk is “one of the most forward thinkers in business”
  • Eric Thomas is ET, the Hip Hop Preacher

Who are you? Share your brand statement in your bio.

2. Bring out your brilliance.

Within your bio you want to showcase what I call your “jazzy wow factor.” Here’s where modesty goes out the window. Make it known why you should be hired, selected as a guest expert, speaker or interviewed by the media. This part skyrockets your credibility. 

  • By his 35th birthday Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Yep, that’s a jazzy wow factor!
  • Just two years old, Pinky Cole’s company revenues grew to $4million within the first 6 months of its grand opening. Building and expanding a business during the pandemic? Yep, that’s Pinky’s brilliance at work.


3. Make it memorable.

This is probably the most important aspect of a brand elevating bio. In the minds of your audience, you want to be unforgettable. This is where creativity and personality come into play. Being memorable could be you infusing humor, emotion, stories, anecdotes or fun facts into your bio. When it ties into your brand, your brand naturally gets a boost.

  • Business coach Katie McManus is memorable by her catchphrase “Stop Being a Weenie.” Personally, that cracks me up.

Remember, your personal brand is all about the impression you leave and your reputation. What impression will you leave with your bio?

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