Secrets to Writing Winning Press Releases

Do you want to boost your credibility by appearing in the media? Then you must master this often-overlooked skill…the ability to write an effective press release.

One of the easiest ways to uplevel your brand is by being mentioned or featured in the press. It starts with a well written press release that turns into a compelling news story.

If used strategically a press release can help position you as an expert and skyrocket your sales. Imagine the amount of new traffic to your website or inquiries about your products or services from a single press release.

In this info packed webinar Joan Burke Stanford of Jazzy Pen Communications is revealing secrets she used to get her clients nationwide exposure.

What You’ll Learn:

How to think and write like a journalist

• 3 Secrets to capturing interest

• Best practices for structuring your release

• The game changer your press release MUST have

• How to identify “Newsworthiness”

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