Networking, Marketing Strategies and Wine!

Work the Room. Taste the Wines. Discover the Power of the Inbox and How to Grow Your Business with Relationship Marketing!

Join us for networking, wine tasting and business growth strategies.

Power of the Inbox
What is the first impression you give when they see you in their email inbox? And when they see you there, what do they do? This powerful seminar takes you step-by-step through the keys to effective email marketing. You’ll learn what email marketing  really is (and isn’t) and what it can do for your business. Plus, we’ll walk you through five easy steps you must take to harness the power of the inbox:

  • Grow a healthy list
  • Create great content
  • Customize a beautiful, mobile-friendly template that matches your brand
  • How to get your emails opened
  • Tracking your results
    From revealing why regular email doesn’t work, to insider tips and techniques like automated list building tools and the design elements that work (and those that don’t!), this seminar will give you the keys to the most effective marketing you can do: email marketing. Join us!

Grow Your Business with Relationship Marketing! (SendOutCards)

Learn how to use a simple greeting card strategy to keep your customers coming back for more! The #1 reason why patrons leave a business is due to a perceived indifference to their needs. Small businesses work so hard on obtaining new customers that many forget to appreciate and communicate with those customers in the long-term. Don’t let this be you!  We’ll show you:

  • how to keep your new clients happy
  • how to automatically send out quarterly greeting cards to stay in touch with your customers
  • how to send brownies and other goodies to ensure your messages get through!

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