Jazzy Jumpstart Webinar: How to Write Your Professional Bio

Do You Have an Impressive Bio That Helps You Stand Out From Competition and Attract High Caliber Clients? No? This Webinar Is For You!


You’re a highly qualified expert in your field, the best at what you do, and everyone should know it by reading your bio. An impressive professional biography can lead to more clients, more inquiries and more sales! If you don’t have a bio or your current bio is in need of a serious makeover, this presentation is for you. It’s time to take your bio from boring to brilliant!

In this info-packed webinar, you will learn powerful strategies for highlighting your expertise and achievements, sharing your story and writing to impress.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, your professional bio is one of the most important summaries you will ever write. Don’t leave yours to chance.

Join Joan Stanford of Jazzy Pen Communications and learn to write a professional bio that wows!

Attend and:

• Learn the purpose and power of a strong bio

• Analyze sample bios of business owners

• Discover strategies for writing an impressive bio

• Break free from boring, cookie cutter bios

• Consider your “story” and how it fits in a bio