How to Use Content to Enhance Your Brand

Content for Personal BrandingNow that you’re spending more time indoors, it is the perfect opportunity to reinvent your content strategy and create content that aligns with your brand. You see, even with a global pandemic going on, people are attracted to learning from and doing business with personal brands that resonate.

This means writing fresh content that attracts your ideal client. This is content your prospects deem as valuable.

Perhaps it is a short live stream that offers unique strategies for addressing a current problem.

It could be an in-depth blog post that shares details on how to something.

Maybe it’s simply sharing your personal story, so your audience gets to know you and your brand better. These are just a few examples, but whatever type of content you create, you want it to be valuable and shareable (so good that readers/viewers want to share it with friends).

Keep in mind, even the funny memes you share say something about your brand. It’s important to think of your brand values as you create and promote your content.

Wondering how to do this effectively? Here are a few practical tips for crafting content to amplify your brand!

#1. Showcase Your Expertise While Meeting a Need

The idea here is to build your credibility while at the same time solving problems your ideal clients have. You can write a book to do both of these. Believe it or not, a published book is more than a large business card, but rather a brilliant way of packaging your content. In addition, a book positions you as an authority while providing answers and insight your prospects are seeking.

Not ready to write a book? Highlight your expertise by blogging. You can start a blog on your website (or give new life to an outdated blog), do a video blog and/or be a guest contributor to someone else’s blog.

You can also showcase your expertise on social media. Try Instagram Stories. Reportedly, 62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories. Social media gives you so many opportunities to increase your brand awareness. Take advantage of it.

#2. Optimize with Keyword Phrases so Your Content Can Be Found

A huge part of brand awareness is being visible and being found. Once you’ve created your content, you want to optimize it with keyword phrases. Think of how people are searching for the information you are distributing.

What phrases are they typing into the Google search field? What are they asking Siri or Alexa?

Research shows that 41% of users perform at least one voice search every day. And of course, Google wants to provide the absolute best search results, which are highly dependent on the search terms and phrases. Optimize your content with wording your audience would search for.

For an SEO boost, include step-by-step lists and definitions in your content with headings and labels showcasing the keywords phrases. When distributing content on social media, be sure to include hashtags.

#3. Be Personable and Authentic

What’s that quote from Oscar Wilde? Be yourself, everybody else is taken. This rings true for content reflective of your personal brand.

Furthermore, your target audience expects you to be authentic. A mind-blowing 90% of consumers said that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support.

When I think of an authentic personal brand, Gary Vaynerchuk immediately comes to mind. He is very bold, brash and matter of fact. He holds nothing back in his content, whether it’s a Youtube video or a post on Instagram. He’s also very personable and resonates with many. He’s not for everybody and I’m pretty sure he’s okay with that.

Bonus tip: Be consistent with your tone. It wouldn’t make sense if one minute your brand came across as super happy and bubbly and the next, very sarcastic and stodgy. A consistent tone helps your audience clearly recognize you and your company.

Also, maintaining a consistent tone across all of your content, from your email campaigns and newsletters to blog posts and social media, is key in building a strong brand.

Have any more content tips to add? We want to hear!