4 Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Business

With 2019 wrapping up soon, now is the time to amplify your personal brand for the new year! Prospects and customers want to get to know you, your business, and what your product or service is all about. This entails ensuring your website is responsive on all devices, creating and sharing personalized content to cultivate relationships with your audience, and more!

Here are 4 personal branding tips to boost your business.


#1. Take Inventory of Your Brand

Before the start of 2020, take “quantitative and qualitative measurements” of your brand: How many people are following you on social media? Who engages with your posts? What are the shared commonalities and differences among your friends and followers?


Do you reach your ideal audience? Or perhaps there is a pain point you were not aware of that your product or service addresses or your message speaks to?


From there, you can make small tweaks in your messaging (i.e., specific call-to-actions, personal stories that allow your audience to get to know you, etc.) to align or realign with people you know will benefit the most from your services.


#2. Create Consistent, Personalized Content

 Did you know over one-third of consumers are more likely to make a spontaneous purchase if a brand personalizes their content? Little changes, like including an image with your posts, can make a huge difference. This alone can garner two times as many comments.

branding contentAlso, keep logo, banners, profile images, and color scheme the same across platforms. This goes for your tone, images, and font and format styles in email campaigns, newsletters, and videos too. Consistent brand presentation everywhere increases revenue of up to 23%, and it makes it easier for friends and followers to identify you.


#3. Make Your Brand Responsive

 The number of US mobile shoppers will jump a whopping 5.9 million from 2019 to 2020. If consumers are not making purchases from their smartphones, then they are definitely doing market research, browsing your website.


Ensure content shows up and stays the same across all devices. Look out for page breaks (white or grey gaps after an image or text) and the occasional blurry image on smartphones. This is a biggie, especially if you are planning to launch your website, as Google announced its move to start indexing new and unknown mobile sites first (which took effect in July 2019).


#4. Tailor Your Message to Humans, Not Search Engines

 Remember, your audience is people just like you. With the emphasis on site analytics and audience insights, this is easy to forget. Stand out among the crowd by tailoring your message to your human audience. In other words, humanize your brand. Share a personal story or incorporate a couple of anecdotes in your bio to build connection with viewers and remind them of the amazing person behind the business.

Use these four tips to take your brand to the next level in time for the holiday festivities! Do you have any tips to add? How have you jazzed up your personal brand? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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