The Scoop on Podcasts

Q: It seems like everyone has a podcast. Is pod casting really a great way to distribute content and market your business

A: Podcasting has definitely gained in popularity. Edison Research reveals that 46 million Americans listen to podcasts every month. iTunes has over 525 million active podcast subscribers. Podcasting has become an uber effective marketing medium. It allows businesses to build brand awareness, build a community and boost credibility. I believe podcasting has blown up as a marketing tool mainly because it’s an easy way to reach prospects and clients with your messages. People can consume your content while they are on the go—in the car, in the gym, or while taking a walk. I personally listen to podcasts on my way to pick up my kids from school. Podcasts are worthwhile but they do require work and commitment.

Yes, of course, it comes down to content—the information you’re giving. At the end of the day, people still want to learn something useful. They want to be entertained. They want to hear something interesting. Deliver this by being passionate about your topic and choosing guests to interview who resonate with your audience. Bonus tip: Make sure they have good voices. Boring monotones do not work well at all.

Show notes are like abbreviated transcripts of the episode and they have to be good quality. People often refer back to show notes because if they are on they go, they are unable to jot down notes. You can include links and references to items mentioned and, of course, direct traffic back to your own website. Show notes help search engines find you too!

Many people are adding their podcasts to their websites and blogs. During the podcasts, smart marketers are mentioning their products or upcoming programs but not in a super salesy way. The idea is that you want all of content marketing tactics to work together. Need a few examples of folks doing podcasting right?

These 3 People Are Rocking It with Podcasts

People call this guy a podcasting rock star. He’s the founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, which achieved Best of iTunes in 2013. This young entrepreneur is all about content—consistent, free content. He offers a free podcast course and free book on launching a podcast

His podcast, Smart Passive Income, has surpassed the 12 million download mark! He has found out by survey that his podcast is the #1 way readers of his blog find out about him. Check out his free tutorial on How to Start a Podcast.

She is social media strategist who always delivers great content. With her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, she does a great job of adding value by having something to download related to the podcast episode topic. It is often a cheat sheet or detailed instructions that are helpful. Here’s an example. Remember, the goal of your content— whether on a blog, website, newsletter, or podcast—is to be helpful.

I hope this was just that…helpful!