Attention All Speakers:

You are absolutely awesome. When you get on stage you command attention.

Your content is amazing and you can tell because your audience is fully engaged. They’re hanging on every word of inspiration or they are feverishly taking notes.

But here’s the thing: you’re not getting enough speaking opportunities.

It’s likely because:

  • You don’t market yourself as a speaker (it’s not your main thing).
  • You rely solely on “word of mouth” to get speaking gigs
  • You’re just getting started with speaking and you’re not sure how to position yourself

The answer to turning things around is a professional speaker one-sheet.

It’s a well written, nicely designed, double-sided document that showcases you as a speaker. Imagine, people coming to you instead of you tracking down places to speak.


This promotional tool:

  • Highlights the topics on which you speak
  • Presents your credibility (speaking bio, testimonials, books written, etc.)
  • Describes the benefits of hiring you
  • Magnifies your abilities as a professional speaker
  • Calls readers to action to get you booked!

When evaluating speakers, event planners often compare speaker one sheets. If you don’t have one, you’re not even in the conversation.

It’s time to step up your speaking game with a professional one sheet! Get people talking and inviting you to speak.

And guess who’s offering an amazing special on speaker sheets?

It’s crazy unbelievable, but here’s what Jazzy Pen is doing just for you.

  • I’m spending 45-minutes with you in a phone consultation. (It’s critical to get to know you, what you’re about, what topics you speak on or can speak on, etc. We’ll create at least two topics if you don’t have any.)
  • I’m crafting the wonderful words to brand you as a speaker and make your speaker sheet stand out in a crowd. When I’m done you’ll SOUND fantastic, making hiring you to speak a no-brainer.
  • I’m working with an award-winning graphic designer to ensure that your speaker sheet LOOKS amazing, just like you.
  • I’m giving you one round of revisions. That means you get to check out the draft, tell me what you think and what (if anything) you want to change.
  • I’m presenting you with a final product in PDF form that you can distribute and add to your website as a downloadable. We’re talking a fully customized one sheet with your branding. No templates here (because you’re an original, not a cookie cutter copy cat).

Laura Bruno's Speaker Sheet

OK, let’s cut to the chase, you say. How much?

All of the above is $397, but I’m limiting the special to only 10 people. Take advantage now because this sale ends soon!

Are you ready to promote yourself as speaker with a one sheet that shines?