Harness the Power of the Inbox
Email Marketing Training

91% of people check their email every single day. Are you reaching your prospects and customers where they are every day? Are you maximizing the power of the inbox? If not, the time is now.

With this training, you’ll learn the tips and tricks for getting results with email marketing!

You’ll discover exactly how email can grow your business and why it has a bit of an advantage over social media. Have you wondered how much text you should include in an email or when’s the best time to send a marketing email? Get the answers in this training.

Plus, you’ll learn best practices for growing a healthy list. After this training, you’ll walk away with the blueprint for what the “ideal email” looks like and the simple recipe for email marketing success.

It’s a fact. Email marketing has one of the best ROIs in marketing. You can expect a return on investment of nearly $40 for every dollar you spend.

What are you waiting for? 

How to Write Your Professional Bio
Step by Step Training

You’re a highly qualified expert in your field, the best at what you do, and everyone should know it by reading your bio. An impressive professional biography can lead to more clients, more inquiries and more sales! If you don’t have a bio or your current bio is in need of a makeover, this workshop is for you. It’s time to take your bio from blah to brilliant.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, your professional bio is one of the most important summaries you will ever write. Don’t leave yours to chance. Learn to write a professional bio that wows! This training answers how many bios should you have? How long should a bio be? And so much more.

Download and discover:

  • Key steps for writing a professional bio
  • Powerful strategies for making your bio stand out
  • Practical tips for writing online profiles

Get started on one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal…your bio!