7 Factors to Make Your Website a Good Salesperson

Is your business website an online billboard or a digital salesperson? If you’re serious about business in a world where we Google everything, you want your website to be a salesperson. But how do you make that transformation? How does a website become a salesperson?

The following are 7 factors you need to consider when developing (or re-developing), writing and launching your business website so it works for you and serves as a good salesperson:

  1. Present Content That Showcases Your Value, Your Strength and What You Do.
    A Good Salesperson can sell anything, but those who rock genuinely believe in the product or service. Make sure your website is highlighting the value your company brings to the table. Testimonials can assist with that. Your content should also be helpful. Good salespeople help their customers. The same is true for your website.
  2. Think User Experience. Anticipate what the user will look for, want to know, and how they will move about your site.
    A Good Salesperson can read body language and anticipate a prospect’s next question. So too should your website. Make sure your site answers questions prospects have. Also ask yourself, “What is the visitor going to do next?” Is your site designed to expect the visitor’s next move? Is it easy to navigate?
  3. Include a Good About Page. Remember that the About Page is typically the most viewed. What does yours say about you? The worst sin you can commit here is making it sound generic or simply putting your mission statement on the page and thinking that should do the trick. Wrong!
    A Good Salesperson will know the background of the company and can speak effectively about the CEO without reading a script. That’s how your About page should read…powerfully yet unscripted so it presents just as authentic as you are.
  4. Generate Leads and Grow Your List. Let’s be real. If your site is not generating leads, it’s a billboard. People look and keep moving. A quick way to get leads is to encourage visitors to opt-in and get on your list with quick, easy forms. Offer something as an incentive.
    A Good Salesperson is charming and always bringing in leads.
  5. Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly. Is your site mobile friendly and mobile responsive? Yes, there is a difference. If a site is mobile friendly it simply displays accurately on a mobile device (nothing really changes except scale). Mobile responsive means the site was designed to respond (or reformat) based on the needs of the user and the device. Not sure about your site? See if Google deems your site to be mobile friendly. Go here to check.
    A Good Salesperson is easily accessibly if a prospect has questions. These days salespeople are giving prospects their mobile phone numbers, making it easy to reach them.
  6. Have a Call to Action. In creating website copy, often the call to action is assumed. This is a mistake. Do not assume a visitor to your site knows what you want them to do.
    A Good Salesperson asks for the sale. Be sure to use buttons to make your call to action stand out.
  7. Monitor Your Website’s Success. Google Analytics presents a wealth of information that allows you to measure and monitor to see what’s working and what’s not.
    A Good Salesperson is meeting his or her sales goals.

Talk to me. How do you ensure your website is a good salesperson? Share in the comments below!