6 Content Marketing Tools to Make Things Easier

Content Marketing ToolsIt’s no secret: content creation takes time. The planning, the creating, the distributing…it all requires time you may not have.

With that in mind, here are 6 (no-cost and low-cost) content marketing tools to cut down on time and improve your productivity.

1. Grammarly (No-Cost, w/prem. membership options): Don’t have time to edit your content? Don’t worry. Copy and paste your text into Grammarly or use its browser extension to identify pesky errors in emails (and really any text) on the go.

2. Thesaurus/WordHippo (No-Cost): The good ol’ online thesaurus is a time-saving staple for finding that perfect word. For cliches, phrases or simply a Thesaurus alternative, WordHippo is a must

3. Buffer (or content scheduler equivalent) (No-Cost, w/premium membership options): Batch and schedule social media content with ease! Under Buffer’s free plan, members can schedule up to 10 posts per social media channel. (✍ Tip: Scheduling multi-image Instagram posts? Consider Facebook’s planner.)

4. Trello (No-Cost, w/membership options): Organize posts and content ideas in Trello! The free plan covers unlimited cards, unlimited members, up to 10 workspace boards, plus more.

5. Constant Contact (During the 60-day trial there’s no cost, membership options): Manage your email list and design and automate email blasts and newsletters using Constant Contact. Grab your FREE 60-day trial here.

6. Canva (No-Cost, with premium membership options): Need graphics in a pinch? Canva is a great go-to for PhotoShop-esque images ready in minutes. The free plan literally offers hundreds of design types and thousands of templates to mix and match.


✔️ Unsplash (No-Cost): Unsplash is a go-to for royalty-free, natural-looking images that rival (and in some cases surpass) traditional stock photos. While you’re not required to, it is recommended to give the photographer credit when using their photo.

✔️ Google Trends (No-Cost): Enter potential content topics in Google Trend’s search engine, and see how well it performs. Play around with location, time span, categories, and search features to find the “sweet spot” topic that resonates with customers and prospects.

What content marketing tools do you use/recommend? Sound off in the comments.

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