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The power of words is truly amazing. Imagine getting someone to buy your product or service when they weren’t even planning to purchase a thing. That’s copywriting. It’s just one of our specialties here at Jazzy Pen.
Are you connecting with your prospects and clients? Without question the best way to engage is with content. Content is the currency of online marketing. Start attracting new clients with super valuable, well written content!
We help you look GOOD in print. Too many typos and misspelled words is just, well, tacky. That’s not how we roll and neither should you. Have your business documents and book manuscripts edited by professionals.
As a business owner and entrepreneur you should always be learning and elevating your skills and knowledge. Jazzy Pen offers workshops on a variety of marketing topics. Check the calendar to find out about our next event.


Get Credible

Get Content

Get Connected and

Get Clients Jazzed About Working With You!

Jazzy Pen Communications is here to take your business to the next level with client attracting content and copy that gets results!



You’re excellent at what you do and everyone should know it. Get a professionally written bio to elevate your credibility. Be interesting and impressive and watch opportunities come!

Email Newsletters

Interact with your prospects and clients where they are every day: in their email inbox! We create engaging email campaigns, promotions and newsletters so you don’t have to.


Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than businesses that don’t. What do you say we get your blog going? We’ll research and write your posts for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media allows you to reach your prospects in large masses. But who has time to post regularly and monitor your social channels? We’ll develop your strategy and manage it all.

Website Copy

Do people visit your website and get jazzed about doing business with you? Are you getting traffic and generating leads? If not, it’s time for new copy. Convert visitors into clients!

Post Cards, Flyers, & More

In a digital world, stand out and shake things up by showing up in regular postal mail. It’s known as direct mail, but is still highly effective for marketing your business.
Content Marketing for Small Businesses